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Bold Legal LLC Envisions New Norm for Service to Business Clients and Firm Culture

Founder David Kendall Emphasizes Delivering Exceptional Experience for both Clients and Colleagues

Denver, Colo.—Bold Legal LLC, an entrepreneurial transactional and business law firm with offices in Denver and Boulder, opens its doors today. The name, Bold Legal, emphasizes Founder David Kendall’s vision of a firm that is bold enough to address business issues while challenging the norms and conventions of traditional legal practices. Bold Legal will provide an exceptional experience for clients and an unparalleled culture for firm colleagues.

Kendall, a respected lawyer, entrepreneur and community leader, was most recently a partner at Kendall, Koenig & Oelsner PC, a law firm he founded in 2002.

Bold Legal’s professionals have substantial business experience and knowledge and will use their business acumen to be creative problem solvers and make valuable contributions to clients. Bold Legal will not shy away from business issues or leave clients to make those decisions on their own. Instead, Bold Legal attorneys step up and tell clients what their decision would be if they were in the client’s shoes.

Kendall said, “Clients need practical, business-minded solutions to real-world problems. They don’t need theoretical legal analysis without consideration of the facts and circumstances.”

Bold Legal will offer a team-based atmosphere where the legal staff, hired for experience in transactional legal work and practical business sense, efficiently delivers top quality work to clients. The firm has abolished partner titles—all members of the team simply will have a title appropriate to the work they do, such as attorney, paralegal or office manager. The members of the founding team will also be acknowledged with the title of “Founder” no matter what their role may be.

Kendall said, “The Broncos won the Super Bowl last year because they were a great team. Von Miller was the MVP and Peyton Manning led the offense, but if the center kept fumbling the snap, they would not have won. Bold Legal is rooted in a culture that emphasizes a positive work environment where everyone is encouraged to grow and take responsibility for the success of the team. A supportive, team-based culture focused on acknowledging the critical contributions of every member is key to attracting, motivating and retaining exceptional players in all roles in the organization and providing an exemplary client experience.” 

About Bold Legal
Bold Legal is a transactional and business law firm boldly committed to providing clients sophisticated transactional legal services with business acumen and practical efficiency while maintaining a firm culture and work environment steadfastly honoring certain unassailable core values: fairness, honesty, respect and caring. With offices in Denver and Boulder serving clients both statewide and nationally, Bold Legal provides counsel on a variety of matters including mergers and acquisitions, securities, venture capital, private equity, credit finance, start-up formations, legal entity governance, employment, equity incentive plans and commercial contracts. Based on its mission to deliver exceptional client service and maintain exceptional firm culture, Bold Legal boldly addresses legal and business issues while challenging the norms and conventions of traditional legal practices. 

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